Products certified 100% organic.

Free worldwide    delivery from 65$ of purchases.

Products certified 100% organic.

Free worldwide     delivery from 65$ of purchases.

About us


The diversity of ecological ecosystems has made Morocco a real reservoir of local products, several of which are endemic. It is with this in mind that AYANA Biolife is committed to enhancing and promoting precious vegetable oils from reasonable and reasoned organic agriculture, with respect for the environment and sustainable development.



Nature offers us the best quality… It is therefore quite “naturally” that we have chosen to offer products that are 100% safe and healthy. Our organic certification process is a further guarantee of our commitment to quality, safety and authenticity. 

Because your health is priceless and in order to ensure the reliability of our products and the strength of our values, AYANA Biolife has chosen to be certified and labelled by various organizations, such as ECOCERT and USDA ORGANIC, which are true guarantees of quality and authenticity.



We honorably work with farmers who are close to production sites in order to limit the carbon footprint of transportation, while promoting the regional economy and the development of local production.

Taking advantage of the virtues of Nature, and returning the favors

By doing so, we hope to participate in the creation of sustainable development ecosystems in the Moroccan regions. AYANA Biolife is committed every day to respecting its social environment, developing its network of suppliers on the basis of fair trade and commercial transparency.


  •   We are seeking to satisfy you, by offering you an oil extracted from the best cultures of our plants.
  •   Our work is subject to strict quality control, our commitment is to offer you an oil 100% pure and 100% organic.
  •   AYANA Biolife is committed every day to respect its social environment by developing its suppliers network, based on fair trade and commercial transparency.
  •   Our processing, extraction, pressure, and packaging processes are part of an ecological vision, concerned with respect for the soil, flora, and water.